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Comprehensive Emergency Services

Emergency Services
Let’s Help receives funding to assist those in the community who need help paying their rent or mortgage, utilities, or medical prescriptions. On average we help about 15,000 individuals per calendar year who have emergency needs, which if left without assistance, would leave them without food, shelter, and the basic necessities to survive. We also have emergency funds available specifically earmarked for those individuals age 60 and older to pay for their dental, medical, and prescription expenses, in addition to the above needs being met. Despite the community support we receive, we have over 1,500 clients in need of the services provided through this program.

Food & Clothing Bank
Area residents who are processed through Let’s Help qualify for a 3 to 5 day allotment of free food for themselves and their families. Free weather appropriate clothing, undergarments, shoes and household items are also available to clients in need.

Adult Education & Employment Programs

Adult Basic Education
Let’s Help offers educational instruction to build the basic skills needed in the workforce, community, and in life. Our students are primarily working towards obtaining their Kansas High School Diploma (GED). Every student is pre-tested and receives an individual learning plan and class schedule based on their current status and the needs of the non-traditional student. Classes include Math, Reading, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Basic Computer Usage, and GED preparation. In addition to their diploma, students are also working towards their Kansas WORKReady! Certificate which shows potential employers proof of skills in reading, locating information and mathematics. This in-turn gives the student an advantage over non-certified job seekers, leads to higher starting salaries, improves chances for career advancement and promotions, and allows the students to better judge their skills and choose careers best for them.

Pre-Employment Training
This service is provided to our clients to aid in educating them with a basic understanding in computer usage, resume writing, internet use and on-line job searching techniques.  We also provide interview coaching and interview appropriate clothing.

Job Placement
We aid in job search through on-line resources, work with local staffing agencies and provide on-the-job training for programs such as SER National.

Older Kansans Employment Program
This program assists clients 55 years or older to find employment.  We provide skill assessment and consult with resume writing, job-seeking techniques, job-development, and mentoring services.